The 2019 SoBos Guide to Baxter and Katahdin
Youre not going to climb on May 15th, the traditional date for the park to open to overnight camping.
The Park closes to all hiking in April and trails will not open to Baxter Peak until late May.
February 1st is fast approaching - why is that an important date for SoBos? Because Baxter's rolling reservation system works on a four month lead time. Want a site June first? Call or use the online system on February 1st!
When did the Hunt Trail (The Park's name for this section of the Appalachian Trail) to Baxter Peak open last year? May 24th with a major section of Park road still closed. May 27th in '16 and '17.

Most all AT info is focused on northbound hikes and so, with help from my friends, I've have been putting SoBo specific info together for several years. Hope this helps this year's southbounders! Good luck and have fun!