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    Default AT Yearly must haves?

    Is there any particular publication that you always have to get every year? Data book? Thru hikers companion? Eat cetera

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    Since you asked, I'll answer.

    There's no publication I get EVERY year, but I do try to get an updated Data Book or Thru Hiker's Companion every FEW years. I wouldn't want to look forward to a stop at a visitor center because a book said The Trail went right by such a building, only to find out, about a mile past the point where that place was supposed to be, that The Trail had been re-routed away from that place.*

    However, trails, junctions, shelters, camp-sites, etc, don't change THAT much year to year; so I feel no need to get any publication EVERY year.
    I do, however, perform an internet search for the important places I plan to use (shelters, hostels, stores) before planning a section hike. It'd be embarrassing to plan a stop at a hostel only to find it closed six months earlier!
    Also, if there has been a significant change in any aspect of The Trail, or if I find something that MIGHT be confusing to any subsequent hiker, I make certain to post that fact here on Whiteblaze.
    For example

    * Yes, this did happen to me one time! My ten-year-old map was just plain wrong!!

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    You can get last years copy of Whiteblaze pages (on the home page here) for 50 cents plus around $2.50 shipping. Probably fine for several years. The AT is pretty well marked/blazed for its entire length. Yeah, there can be some reroutes, but temporary ones won't necessarily be in a guide anyway - they'll be posted at trail heads and via signs etc. Some trail business close and open, but most have been around a while. Largely, the trail stays the same.

    But, if I were thru-hiking, I would want to have the current year's edition of whichever guide I chose to use just to be as informed as possible especially regarding hostels and shuttles.

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    I hiked years and years ago, and the only book I got was the small, 4x6" or so Appalachian Trail Data book. I think it's got a color cover these days.

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    My only yearly must have is a Lyme test for me and the dogs.
    Colorless green ideas sleep furiously.

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    I use the AWOL AT Guide for 2-3 years before getting a new one. I also use the Guthook app, which is constantly updated, so the trail info is always current. I like the AT Guide town info better, which is why I still buy it.

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    A free tent from REI !!! This is not by design, but every year when the dividends come in I find myself acquiring yet another hopefully-the-best-and-last-one 1 or 2 person tent that they've marked down so much that I get it free. I've acquired 4 so far and given all but one away. So I guess the one thing I get every year is an opportunity to be a belated Santa Claus

    (It looks like it will be the Nemo Hornet 2 this year)
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    Good responses.

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