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    Agreed, COBRA won't be cheap, but likely to be less expensive than purchasing individual policies (or family plan). I am not sure how the Health Exchanges work in different States in terms of missing the enrollment date. To me, quitting a job to take a 6-month hiking vacation and getting taxpayers to fund an insurance plan seems a little unethical when there are other options.
    I understand this argument, and definitely thought about it. To speak solely about my situation: My COBRA rate wasn't a good rate because my company had crappy health insurance. I would have payed a lot, but more importantly, for little coverage, which given my medical condition was too risky for me to accept. This is really getting into the weeds, but the dynamic between this and the travel plan meant that my primary insurance was in effect - and secondary inactive - anywhere within 500 miles of my hometown in PA. So if something happened to me in PA or close by, I'd have to foot the crazy hospital bill. For me, COBRA was not in a different price ballpark then individual plans on the market, which were offering better coverage. My COBRA plan was only worth it to me when my employer was contributing to the cost. And then as soon as you start shopping on the market, you are forced to enter your income, and the subsidies are automatic. Not to get too political but I think making ethical choices within an already crazy healthcare system is... complicated.
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