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    Was out riding the Mountain Bike trails of Santos yesterday, and saw several FT crossings and a campsite along the way called Ross Prairie.
    If the hiking trails are similar to the riding trails, this looks like it would be a great section to do an overnight hike, possibly using Ross Prairie as a camp site?
    Or do I simply camp where I find a spot to camp?
    You guys have any suggestions? I usually like to do 10 - 12 miles on the way out, then camp, then if a loop, slightly shorter return trip. If not a loop, I'll simply do an out and back.


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    After fighting my way around the Florida Trail website trying to find information or maps for a while, I finally exited and typed Florida Trail Map in my play store. AtlasGuides - the Guthook people - do a Florida Trail version.
    $35 for the maps in the app sounds like a great deal to not have search for info and maps every time I want to explore a new area.

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    It used to be the Sandra Friend Florida Trail app. Now it's the Guthook Florida Trail app. Whoever is currently putting it out there, it is awesome.

    The maps from the FTA are OK, not great (last time I used them). When I do trail maintenance in the Apalachicola National Forest we generally use forest service maps. I've also used water management area maps that were pretty good and can be downloaded at no cost.

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