Hi, all,

Sugar Magnolia here. I'm retired and sectioning the AT. Done close to half of it so far. Wanting to start in May (maybe after Trail Days), somewhere between Sky Meadows State Park in northern VA and Harpers Ferry, and go north for 1-2 months. No destination in mind; just to keep hiking until...

I have hiked with others and hiked alone, but prefer to hike with a buddy. Don't mind spreading out during the day if we can regroup at a campsite or shelter at the end of the day. In the mountains, I typically like to do about 15 mi/day, weather permitting...maybe more as the terrain flattens out farther north. Ok with staying in some hostels here and there...possibly doing some slackpacking, but prefer to limit both to weather-related conditions.

Let me know if you think you'd be interested or know of someone who might be.

Happy trails!