Been messing around with burners since the mid 2000s. Through years of trial and error I finally figured it out.
I make 2 types. Sealed and unsealed.
The unsealed holds about 55 ml of fuel and burns for abot 9.5 hours. Down side is the fuel must be removed during transport or kept relatively upright.
The sealed version* holds about 40 ml and burns for a little over seven hours. The cool thing about this is you can just cap it off and it can lay in any direction without leaking. Which allows you to keep it inside the candle lantern.

Supplies used are 2 x Travel sized Axe cans, older thick aluminum arrow shafts, some fine stainless steel mesh, carbon felt, silicone tube and oil resistant tube for the cap.
Carbon felt doesn't deteriorate so once the wick tube is set you never need to replace the wick.

Unsealed technical aspects

Weight empty: 1.20 oz

Weight full: 2.30 oz

Fuel capacity: 55 ml

Fuel consumption(ml/h): 5.789 ml

Burn time: 9.5 hours.

Unfortunately I don't have the stats for the sealed version but I'll update later




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