I wanted to say to all the 2019 AT hikers, have a awesome, successful and safe hike. For those hiking around April 27th, I would have loved to have met each one of you on trail. You are the part of my hike that I will miss the most. If you can tell by now I will not be going. I was so looking forward to my hike from GA to Harpers Ferry too. I was going to hike with my hiker in crime, Easy Company. He and I met hiking Rocksylvania in Oct 2018. About a month ago I wasnít feeling right in my abdomin area. Went and got checked. They found I had bladder cancer. Tumors been removed. Starting Chem and radiation in several weeks for 10-16weeks. I will beat it but not sure if Iíll every be back on trail. Iím hoping and will be fighting. I want to complete my bucket list especially this one.
I just wanted to say enjoy your 2019 hike and I wish I was with you. Remember, ďNo Rain, No Pain and No MaineĒ! Slo-Moe out.