Now that winter's breaking and folks are hitting the AT again, I'd like to shamelessly plug my new book, EVERGREEN DREAMING: TRAIL TALES OF AN AGING HIKER (Longitudes Press), available on Amazon. I realize there are a lot of trail memoirs out there, but I think my book is a bit different.

First, I'm a section hiker, not through, and I also hike a piece of the CDT. Therefore "ED" avoids some of the monotonies and clichés of AT thru-hiking memoirs/journals. Second, I'm a 50-something hiker, so I have a perspective of what extended backpacking is like for an older person. Third, I'm an unabashed tree hugger, so I incorporate a lot of "environment" into my book, in addition to thoughts on culture and technology. Fourth, I'm a professional, I think (hope) my book has good character and plot, and the English and grammar are up to snuff! And last...Matt Angerer, the real "Katz" from "A Walk in the Woods," has given it advance praise!

ED is available in either paperback or Kindle form. If you do read it, and like it, please feel free to spread the word. (I don't have a literary agent to help me.)

Thanks all!