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    Quote Originally Posted by 4eyedbuzzard View Post
    Yeah, it kind of is because it's only being asked now to make a point.

    In fairness, there are often questions regarding bras, menstruation, etc., that are more appropriate for only other women to answer, even if men may have knowledge due to their spouse/SO. And I understand women who may not want men answering their requests for hiking partners. Cyber pink-blazing and such.

    Not exactly, but I think mothers relationships with their children are a bit different than a fathers. Not that men don't love and care for their children. But it is different - "A mother's love..."

    Yep. Nothing new here on WB. People come here all the time looking for validation to quit their jobs mid-career, quit school, leave their spouse and/or family, take out loans, open gofundme accounts, hike for charity - the list is endless. And they are usually disappointed by the majority of answers because most people here are surprisingly well-grounded for a bunch of wanderlust hikers. Probably because they've either experienced the downside themselves or seen it in others too many times: Quit my job, or quit school, or left my wife, sold the house, spent my savings --- then quit the trail at Neel Gap. Not that this happens to everyone obviously, some people manage to balance thru-hiking and the rest of their lives quite positively. But it or something like it is all too often the reality with mid-life decisions made under internal stress when life's timing isn't ideal for a long hike. There are some great times to hike. Transitions in school, jobs, relationships, retirement, etc. In the middle of raising a family isn't usually on that list.

    But as you note above, what they are looking for is validation and comments that support their motive because deep down, people seeking validation are already conflicted over desire (to hike) vs. duty/responsibility to externalities (could be career/job, spouse, children, etc). They don't really want to hear opposing opinions because it raises the level of their internal cognitive dissonance. If they weren't already conflicted, they wouldn't be seeking validation - they'd just hike. So they come here thinking a bunch of hikers will offer nothing but support, but find instead that the place is full of the more mainstream moms and dads (who just happen to hike) they don't want to hear from. And then maybe they flag the posts for moderation for whatever reason they can find.
    You express thoughts bettern me.

    But an all too common theme, is that people get enamored with some romanticized notion of a thru hike. Nothing else will do. Nothing. That bubble bursts pretty quick when you start uphill with that heavy pack. These are frequently the people that drop out quick. At least from many journals i read.
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