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    Quote Originally Posted by trailmercury View Post
    I'll decide who "I" should be cautious around.
    I'm pretty good at being cautious.
    I just disagree with judging folks based on appearance alone.
    I'm getting more pushback from the other side of that argument than I had hoped for here.
    That bums me out.
    I'd agree on the appearance alone - in most cases. Realistically though, there are also the really obvious ones.

    Which is why I think you have to look at the totality of any given situation. Appearance, location/setting, behavior, context, etc. And usually, it isn't any one thing that sets people's hair on end. Nor do most people actively go over a checklist or observe for any long period of time. But when multiple things standout from the get-go, I can't fault anyone for erroring on the safe side.

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    Pennsylvania recently changed our job title from "Wildlife Conservation Officer" to "Game Warden." Prior to 1987, we were "Game Protectors." The switch in 1987 was made to show that we are reponsible for the 467 species of birds and mammals in PA, not just the approximately two dozen huntable species, and our job is conservation, not just hunting. Yet, many folks found the WCO job title confusing, and I often described myself using "game warden." Some states use the term "Conservation Police" but PA has always been shy of using "police," although we have the same powers as state troopers. Re "Northwoods Law" I do a lot of the same stuff, but I also do paperwork, show up in court, attend training, etc. Also, sometimes, not often, but the goodguys lose.

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