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    Default Section Hikers need shuttle out of Hot Springs, NC - May 15th - Anyone available?

    Two good friends looking to do a 5-day section hike, ending in Hot Springs, NC. Will be ready to go on the morning of the 15th. Any suggestions from the group? If no shuttles available, where can we safely park a car for 5 days within 35-40 miles of Hot Springs? Thanks.
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    I just set this up for myself and 2 friends a couple weeks ago. You can do Hot springs to big creek ranger station. Hot springs to pigeon river(I don't think I will park a car at Big creek any longer, pigeon river is ok for me personally). You can do Hot springs to Erwin. Shuttles seem to be limited in the area but if you go north of hot springs then 10k out of Erwin can shuttle you for a fair price. Also you can call bluff mountain outfitter in HS and they have a list of locals that run shuttles.

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