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    Default Vigils/Memorial Services for Ronald Sanchez at Trail Days

    There are two memorial services being planned this year at Trail Days to honor the life of Ronald "Stronghold" Sanchez and others. Anyone can attend either one or both. I believe they will each be moving and healing in their own way, offering different settings and times. Whether you attend one or both, or neither, we are all united by the Appalachian Trail and the profound ways it touches us.

    Thursday May 16 - 8:30 p.m.
    Celebration of Life/Candlelight Vigil
    For Ron “Stronghold” Sanchez and all affected by the recent tragedy
    Backer Park (baseball field)
    Organized by the Appalachian Trail Conservancy and members of the community of Damascus including Linda Austin. Candles are being provided by Linda Austin and Miss Janet is donating some as well.
    A group counseling session will be offered by Damascus counselor Melissa Barrett after the service that will take place in the baseball field, or at the Methodist church if weather does not cooperate.

    Here are two news articles about the Thursday service:

    Saturday, May 18
    "Miss Janet" has been organizing a memorial service for Ronald Sanchez on Saturday night leading up to the drum circle, following her longstanding tradition of honoring those in the A.T. community who have left us in the past year. Participants may bring headlamps or tiki torches; candles will also be provided.

    More details can be found on various popular Facebook pages.

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    Thanks for posting! ATStrong

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