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We did the trail, ~71 miles, in a bit under 2.5 days, spending 2 nights on trail....
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It was decently hot and humid when we did this. We opted for 2 liters of water for the first 16-ish mile water carry - 2.5 or even three would have been nicer, lol - two worked, but we could've been downright playful with our water if we'd have carried just a little more, lol...
Thanks for the trip report. Sounds like a lovely trail. I've been so focused on the AT, that I skip on all these other trails.

Reading this is a good reminder to me about knowing your own limits--and being willing to stretch and grow, too.

The miles covered, and the limited amount of water you carried, are so way out of range for anything I can (currently) do. There's such a range of comfort zones/fitness levels/hiking styles, which shouldn't be too surprising to me, but it is.