Darn, someone had to bring up that 3 page piece of confusion. Whoever wrote it either inadvertently or intentionally mixed Leave No Trace recommendations on page 2 with regulations on page 3.
Recommendations are nice things to do and should be avoided if possible but you are not going to get a ticket or be required to move. A regulation is backed by the force of law, you can be ticketed and required to move. Typically thru hikers tend to be LNT, they tend to set up late and get up early with no campfires or campsite improvements. So feel free to read and understand page 2 for you own edification but page 3 is the important part. The reality is the vast majority of trails and locations listed on page 3 are not on or adjacent to the AT. This opens up a lot more options then many folks tend to assume by confusing LNT concepts on Page 2 with regulations on Page 3. If you drop down the approximate 1 mile and 1000 feet on side trails you usually can find spots in the woods the requisite 200 feet off the trail. Note that the actual AT north of Moosilaukee is not part of the list of 200 foot rule locations As long as you are not above treeline and within 1/4 of a mile within a developed facility you literally can camp in the middle of the AT. Obviously not recommended but if push come to shove you can.