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    :banana The Appalachian Trail Dirt Under My Boots (and everywhere else) Kindle or Paperback

    If you missed the free Kindle giveaway, you can still purchase this book in BOTH formats. Stop reading the same old, same old and explore a different adventure on the trail. Written with humor to keep you laughing, yet, you'll be unable to put this book down. Appropriately priced and STILL selling strong! Take a hike on the Appalachian Trail with "Buz" from his preparation to the end of his journey. Read about Buz's goals, his ambitions, his failures, and the many interesting characters he met on the trail. At every angle, there is something new to explore and learn. Feel how it is to not shower for long periods of time, leaving one to smell like a mixture of month old sauerkraut and rotten eggs. That is okay though, as everybody else on the trail smells the same, and your senses become numb, especially the sense of smell as you blend in with every other hiker. Feel the rain at times relentlessly pound on you, sometimes for days on end. Feel the warmth of the sunshine when it does appear. Prepare for the monotony of simple every day hiking, day in and day out. Feel the beginning aches, pains, and muscle soreness that gives way the further and longer you hike northbound, or for some, southbound. See the beauty that the forests, mountain balds and sensational summit views provide of the surrounding countryside. No matter what though, the trail provides. You don't want to miss this hike, and afterward, you'll want to take a hike yourself. So, put on that virtual backpack and grab your hiking poles because now, the journey...BEGINS!

    Listed on the "Trail to Summit" webpage as "Recommended reading" with other popular trail authors! Click on the video links and pictures below:



    Appalachian Trail Dirt book.jpgIMG_20181112_140337.jpgFB_IMG_1555592152203.jpgBOOK AD 2.jpgAT BOOK AD.jpgbook end promo (2).jpgTA 2019.jpg

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