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    I have 2 rain jackets that I have used on the trial..Marmot is ok and the Older Mountain hardwear i have. Summer I rarely wear any rain gear..I mostly use it for warmth..BUT I have to ask whats the material of your jackets thickness and what is the material?
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    "I had an interesting experience last month with both a FT poncho and a traditional waterproof rain jacket. I was outside for a college graduation in Ohio, on a day with a cold snap, high winds, and heavy rains. The school was determined to have its first in-person graduation since Dec 2019, so they did. By cold I mean low 50s for a high, the 2nd week in May. Umbrellas frowned upon, I wore the rain jacket under the poncho to provide arm coverage. Water beaded up on the FT poncho and fell off. The rain jacket did wet out. Later, I had to give up the poncho to Time Zone Junior, whose rain solution was failing. So my rain jacket was really tested, and continued to wet out."

    Could be the DWR (durable water repellant) coating has worn off the shoulders and/or other areas of the rain jacket, a not too uncommon circumstance. DWR coatings can easily be refreshed with any number of products designed to be used at home. Before purchasing a new jacket, I would definitely try this first.

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    I like my Snugpack Enhanced Patrol Poncho coupled with Zpack kilt and gaiters.Lots of air circulation under it and it covers the pack pretty will although I do use a rain cover on the pack as well.

    Too bad it mostly works for short people.Some day the manufacturers might realize they would sell more if they offered it in something other than one size.Mine weighs about 13 oz if I correctly recall and it is Very durable.I keep a string in the bibb pocket of the poncho for use if the wind gets up.The bibb pocket is a huge plus too.....you can check them out on YouTube and Amazon.

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