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    Default WB Superfly. 30D Silnylon or 20d Silpoly?

    As many of you hangers probably know, Warbonnet is having a Memorial Weekend sale. I am planning a Lash in early March 2020 for about 60 days and am going to pull the trigger on a Superfly Tarp today or tomorrow and get in on the sale prices. I use a WB Blackbird XLC. My plan is to get an 11 foot Superfly. The question is 30D Silnylon or 20D Silpoly? The silpoly is an ounce lighter (18 oz. vs. 19 oz.) and is said to pick up less water weight than the nylon. Warbonnet says the silpoly stretches less than the nylon but, the silnylon is more durable. Both are on sale until tomorrow for $108.00. Help me decide.

    Or, should I just put myself out of my misery and order a Cuben fiber tarp.

    thanks! I'll post this on Hammock forums also and see if they can impart some wisdom.

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    20d and it’ll last forever.

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    Silpoly really handles wet better than the silnylon did, at least for me. No stretching and retains less water when you're packing up.
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