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    Default Trout Run or Hwy 443 MM 1182?

    Looking for safest parking place near MM1182. Within .5 miles are Trout Run trailhead and the Hwy 443/Moonshine Road trailhead lots.
    Anyone have any background on Trout Run as to who it belongs to/watches it? Can section hikers park there for 2 weeks w/o towing/tickets? Or is the Hwy 443 better choice?

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    There's a large parking lot on the north side of 443, which is the start of Moonshine Road. Lots of cars there when I went by there about a month ago on a Saturday morning. It seems to be a popular parking lot for the Rausch gap area. No one will question the car being there until it looks seriously abandoned. That would take a couple of months, so 2 weeks should be fine. Take the usual precautions to keep the car safe.

    I don't see anyplace called Trout Run on Guthook, so it's likely a gravel road and take your chances. If it's within 1/2 mile of MM1182, it's probably on state game lands and might be gated. You'd have to check the rules about parking on state game lands.
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    See if you can find a phone number for Swatara State Park and give them a call. I may be trail running up there this weekend and can check the board and see if there is any mention of overnight parking.
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    Where route 72 changes to 443 there is a parking lot which is on the trail and is safe. Trout run parking area is not on A.T. but close by. Parking area there is not gated.

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