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    Default Xero Shoes Z Trail

    Putting this here, rather than in a thread about camp shoes.

    Xero Shoes Umata Z-Trail size 10
    My feet are 9.5EEE:

    317g/11.18oz for the pair:
    Half an ounce more than what I've been using, but will make a much better camp shoe. Either is a luxury item, but a little girl could haul my current pack weights, so whatever.

    First impressions:
    Comfortable with or without socks, and pack flat. I can see why some reviewers complained about them being a bit cumbersome to adjust, but it's pretty simple. Set it and forget it for me, since my use won't be as demanding as someone using them for running.

    Bit cheesy for a $80 sandal, though. They're what I wanted in terms of features, and I like them, but also think they're overpriced, even at the $66 I paid with a discount from REI.
    Made in China. Stitching and details are acceptable, but mediocre. There are some small inconsistencies where the molded rubber layers are joined, little spots of whatever adhesive was used to bond them showing in a few places, things like that. Nothing that should affect them in practical use, just nitpicky stuff I'd prefer not to see with that price tag.
    Only "real" dislike/concern is the strap going through flexible rubber that's an extension of the sole material and doesn't have clean edges.
    They do have a 6 month manufacturer guarantee in addition to a 5000 mile wear warranty.

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    I have a pair that I use for camp shoes, as well as for the showers and locker room at the gym. I like that they pack flat, and don't have a thong between my toes...I hate having something between my toes. I think Xero does offer a similar sandal with a between-toe strap. I agree, a bit overpriced tho.

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