I created this account years ago, with big plans to hike the AT a couple years after this account's creation. Life happened, and when I went to create an account a few days ago, found that I already had one created!

Well, I'm more into hiking/backpacking than I ever was. Uncertain on any specific date or goal of an actual AT thru-hike, but one thing I've learned lately is: Solo is the way to go (for me). And as my interest in the AT has been re-sparked lately, as I hike and do overnighters near my locale more and more, it got me thinking: Just how 'solo' can one really be on the AT?

I've been watching a LOT of hiking videos lately, some great AT ones. While some hikers try to present the image that they're on this great journey, alone, doing something completely radical and unheard of... Other hikers show the reality of the trail. Lots of people. Packed shelters. Hikers, everywhere. The friendships created, the temporary communities developed of a small groups and crews that come and go over the course of months on the trail. Interesting to see the different styles in how hikers choose to showcase and broadcast their thru-hike to an audience.

With that said, how long is the longest you've gone, on your solo hike, without running into another person?