I'll be heading up in a couple weeks or so, starting where I left off at mile marker 654.4 (2016 awol guide) and heading north for another hundred mile section.
Planning my stops, using the guide, I see Windrock campsite at 661.9, for a 7.5 mile first day
Laurel Creek Shelter at 672.6 for a 10.7 mile day two
Niday Shelter at 685 for a 12.4 mile day three

The next night, I'd like to have done 14 or 15 miles, which would put me right around Dragons Tooth. According to Awols guide, just after Dragons Tooth, starting at Newport Rd, there is no camping allowed except in designated areas - the next of which is WAY long of a hike for day 4 (23.7 is longer than I've ever hiked, don't know if I could do it on day 4, and would feel too rushed to enjoy the 'Tooth) .
My question to you who are familiar with the area: Is there anywhere to camp around Dragons Tooth?
Or do I have to do a short (10 mile) day 4?

Thanks for any personal insight you have of the area.