I've seen kids skip over the toughest terrains the AT has to offer in Keds, and I've seen those more experienced tread the trail in anything from hard leather boots to soul-less runners to Teva sandals. I've staunchly adhered to the necessity of support and strength with a pair of Merrell Mid-boots for colder temps, and the lightweight convenience of Aasics trailrunners for warmer seasons. I've been happy with both....until now.

Arthritic concerns and a host of other annoyances have made my favorite footwear unbearable and unwearable, and I've had zero luck in finding replacements. The only things I'm comfortable walking in are Sketchers GoMats...foam insoles (NOT MEMORY)...with loads of impact protection and bounce. I haven't tried them on the trail yet, and I'm sure they'd be short-lived as the softness of the soles aren't designed for trail wear and tear, but can anyone advise me as to a reason they would not be appropriate for <10 mile day hikes?