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Thread: Long hike 2019

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    Default Long hike 2019

    Hi, friends!

    I was going to do a flip-flop in 2016, but had a light leg injury and plain ran out of funds.
    I've been wanting to get back on the trail and continue ever since, but it's been very hard to plan
    things out with the CA-US exchange rate and the political climate over there. So, for now,
    I've been thinking about going with a 'thru-hike' of the Quebec portion of the international trail!
    I know that it's not 'technically' meant for this forum, but let's be real here, the other one hasn't
    had a single post for over a year.
    I'm just trying to get things started, get some online companionship, etc.
    I am so very excited that I JUST discovered that this Quebec portion is feasible...
    Sadly, it's quite expensive compared to my experience on the AT, in MD, PE and NJ -
    one has to reserve every single night of the hike... ouchhhhhhhhhhh... Nevertheless,
    with the saved exchange rate and the comforts of home and assured tent spots,
    there is some upside
    I've been upgrading my gear bit by bit for the last few years, ever since I went to the US.
    I think everything is ready - I'm 20 lbs lighter than I was then, and my gear is 10-15 lbs lighter, too!

    Has any of you done the QC portion? Is any of you interested in doing it?
    One of the encouraging things, to me, is that the ideal period is august-october.
    I've been pushing back my AT return year after year because of seasons... But I'm ready for this one!

    -Raging Moose

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    How does the "political climate" of the US possibly influence your hiking decisions coming from Canada to the US? I've heard some stretches in regard to US politics, but this is quite possibly the most ridiculous yet.

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