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    Question Greylock Community Club Parking

    What is the status of parking at the Greylock Community Club lot for hikers?

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    Apparently that is no longer allowed but there is a new lot in the area, not sure the details but should be easy enough to find out.
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    I called today and was told the lot was open for hikers. Getting a friend to call and confirm.
    If anyone else wants to try calling and confirm the # is 413 664-9020.

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    Hi all,

    There's now a parking lot directly across the street from the Greylock Community Club. There's a really obvious sign along the road (Route 2) and there are a couple maps posted with how to get to the trail crossing (just down the street).
    A couple spots are rutted out as they must've had some mud issues, but the lot fits 10-12 cars or more.

    I parked there this past Friday and hiked Greylock and south to Cheshire.
    I happened to run into the local RidgeRunner on the trail and he said he wasn't sure if it was a permanent parking area or not. They're doing some construction work in that lawn area where the parking used to be at the Community Club.

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    Thanks for the update:-)

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