I'm planning a BMT foray at the beginning of October, from
Fontana Dam to Smokemont CG. A few questions:
1. Is it reasonable to tackle that distance in 6 days? We're a couple
middle aged guys not interested in a death march. It appears
to be rolling terrain until the approach into Smokemont where
there are 2 2000' passes to get over. Seem doable? Any special
problems to be aware of on that route? Anything I'm missing by
staying strictly on BMT?
2. My initial planning seems to put us in several camps that
are "Horse and Hiker". If I'm trying to avoid excessive
smells, flys, ... should I make an extra effort (aka miles) to
avoid those sites and try for "Hiker Only" sites?
3. I am hoping to use The Hike Inn as a shuttle service but they are
having trouble with their web site. I'll call them shortly but
in case of problems any recommendations for alternates?