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    I will not use as an excuse we must fall apart as we age for ignoring useful information. I see those on trail well in advanced age that are healthy and fit rumbling down the trail faster and more mindful of their movements than younger in a hurry trekking pole users who have higher impacts on their body and psyche. That's who I take my approaches from. If it includes trekking poles good but I see some who dont use them and do exceptionally. All this gear we think is necessary may not be as necessary as we believe.

    I am NOT anti trekking pole so NOT attempting to engage in a trekking pole false war. I do see those expecting to have trekking poles solve all their walking problems though. What might be a worthy approach is learning lower impact more ergonomic movements earlier in one's hiking career and at some pt adding trekking poles TO ENHANCE that or doing both early on.
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