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    Default Winter Hiking Project

    While I wait for next year to finish my last section of the AT from Stratton to Katahdin, Iíll be section hiking the Tuscarora Trail. Itís basically in my back yard and looks challenging enough to stay in shape. Iíve searched WB for recent posts on the TT but didnít see much. Anyone have any recent experience on this trail? Iíve ordered both PATC guidebooks. I do wish the TT was on Guthook but alas no.

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    As a boy scout completing my hiking merit badge, I remember completing the Northern section of the trail (Wagner's Gap to Followers Hollow State Park).

    From what I remember, you're walking along the top of the mountain, and it's very bouldery/Rocky (hazard for ankles).

    The trail passes through a few nice state parks and there's a couple small side trails that offer amazing views (Flatrock Trail offers a gorgeous view of the Cumberland Valley).

    I don't think there's any shelters in the PA section of the trail. Also make sure you don't camp in the State Game Lands (which are intermixed with the State Forest Lands).

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    I knew there were some shelters along the Tuscarora. This website, starting with the northern end, lists shelters in at least half the sections.

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