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    Default Linville Gorge - Conley Cove Trail Hornets

    Thought I'd mention the mega ground hornet nest on the Conley Cove trail in Linville Gorge for anyone thinking of heading out there anytime soon. I was out there this past weekend, and was one of many unfortunate people to not know about this. Consequently I was stung at least 10 times. So, if you are heading down or up the Conley Cove trail be warned that a few hundred feet from the junction of the Conley Cove trail and the Linville Gorge trail there is a ground hornet nest on the right side if coming down (left side going up). It is the biggest swarm of hornets I have ever seen by a decent margin. My buddy must have stirred them up when he walk by and then I got the full onslaught.

    Funny thing was I got stung multiple times on my right arm (was also stung up and down my right side and a couple of times on my left side) and wouldn't ya know it I dropped my pole right into the swarm. I came back later when they had calmed down and was able to come up from below and stealthily pull it out of there from a distance with my other pole.

    Other than that unfortunate event the weekend was an awesome time of just hanging out and the weather was clear and sunny the entire time. While there I also checked out Wiseman's View, hiked down to Babel Tower and hiked up Hawksbill.
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    Linville Gorge hornets on Conley cove trail. Check. That post is really going to start trending soon. Hehe. I packraft'd the Gorge this year solo.
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    Pisgah yellow jackets are meaner and bigger than the yellow jackets we have down here in the Citico/Slickrock and Big Frog/Cohutta and Bald River/Upper Bald wilderness. I've lost count of the times I've been nailed by Pisgah hornets. Last time was on Upper Creek (east of Linville Gorge) bushwacking from Upper Creek to the MST---and got hit 5 times about the face and arms.

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