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    Default Planning question: Amicalola Falls to Standing Indian, is it doable in 12 days ?

    I'm etool- I started this profile before I had a trail name.
    Finally setting up my section hike to knockout the Georgia section in spring 2020, and was looking for input, suggestions, and hopefully not many insults on whether Amicacola to Standing Indian would be doable in 12 days without killing myself. I'm not new to hiking or backpacking, you may have seen a crazy Floridian, snow camping in GSMNP for a few winters ago! But its been awhile since I've gone on anything other than an overnighter or 20 mi and less flatland walking , and its not like I have alot of elevation down here in Florida. I'm going to be starting a training circuit here soon.

    I looked up the GA AT club's FAQ, and they said its possible in 8-9 days but they had a 12 and two 15 miler's on there. I learned my lesson hiking up to Mt Collins shelter from Elkmont a few times that those long up days can slow you down. I've never hiked on that section of the trail before, given the trail conditions, water availability, and elevations; what do you think?
    Luckily spring won't be that cold so I can lighten the load!

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    First off, yes, it is very doable in 12 days. I would say 8 is pretty common, 10 without any overly long days.

    One note: don't let "spring" fool you! March and April on the AT in GA can be very cold, with rain and potential snow making it even worse. Be prepared for below freezing temps.

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    12 days to Deep gap shouldn't be too difficult to pull off. All the way to Franklin might be pushing it a little.

    I'd recommend waiting until mid to late April to avoid the worst of the busy season and enjoy better and warmer weather.

    But you neve know, last time I did GA it was the last week of April and it rained nearly every day. Plus it seems I had a really bad chest cold (walking Phenomena maybe). Yet I got to Hiawassee in 7 days, which included the approach trail.
    The AT - It has it's ups and downs...

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