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    Default Places to purchase synthetic insulation

    Hey folks, I am looking for suggestions on good options for purchasing synthetic insulation for diy backpacking quilts.
    The ones I know of are
    Dutchware gear
    Rip stop by the roll
    DIY gear supply

    If anybody can recommend other sources I would greatly appreciate it. That stuff isnít cheap and I want to see what all the options are.

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    Seattle Fabrics had all sorts of stuff by the roll last time I looked.

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    Here are a couple of other suppliers I've used in the past:

    Outdoor Wilderness Fabrics - they have both Thinsulate and Climashield in several weights.

    Quest Outfitters - have both Thinsulate and Primaloft Gold (my personal favorite for DIY gear) in a couple of the most useful weights.

    Seattle Fabrics is also good, but they only carry Thinsulate these days.

    For a quilt, I would suggest the Primaloft if you're going to be making hammock quilts or lightweight gear. Go with the Climashield if you're making heavier weight gear for use on the ground.
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    Buy a really cheap winter coat for its stuffing? Have any old camping coats laying around?

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    Outdoor Wilderness Fabrics is my Go-To...
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