I have one old but 100% functional Leki Makalu trekking pole, but decided I needed two poles.
I first purchased a pair of Leki Makalu (not same model as what I have) used on Ebay, but they turned out to be useless. No more used poles for me!
Next, I purchased a pair of 'Flyingbird' F86 carbon fibre poles on Ebay.
Unfortunately, I had no idea of how poor a choice carbon fibre can be for trekking poles; One of the poles snapped while I was hiking. I never really put much stress on the thing; I considered this a wake-up call. Don't buy cheap Chinese c&!p on Amazon or Ebay.

So I am now in the hunt for a new set of trekking poles.
I want to go with aluminum, since I never broke one of them, and I was told that for trekking poles, it is the best material.
I trust Leki, but perhaps they're not the best for the money?
I am looking in the price range of $100 for a set.
I am a man, about 6ft tall weigh about 145 but need support for carrying a full pack of up to 30lbs.

What do you recommend?