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    Cheapest option: wrap your luggage to water proof it and hide it in the woods.

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    Yes, cheap....but with a high level of risk and possibly illegal

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    Thank you all again for the replies!

    That first evening, after the Amtrak to HF, I think I will plan to hike in to that campsite 3.5 to 4 miles in, leaving the option open to push for David Lesser (if I'm feelin' it).

    My original concern, it turns out, has been solved; upon my arrival, I will dine with a friend who lives in DC, and then leave my suitcase with him. The difference in length of a detour (to retrieve the suitcase after my section hike) through DC to pick it up, versus Harpers Ferry, will be negligible, since it'll be before 6am on the Friday morning.

    Quote Originally Posted by TexasBob View Post
    How about stove fuel? I don't think you can bring it on the plane. Amtrak was over an hour late the time I took it from DC to Harper's Ferry and the outfitters in HF was closed before I got there.
    Yes, I'll have plenty of time to hit up the REI in DC, which purportedly is an 0.8mi walk from Union Station. Good to know regarding the lateness of the Amtrak, thanks!

    Quote Originally Posted by chknfngrs View Post
    Cheapest option: wrap your luggage to water proof it and hide it in the woods.
    This has certainly crossed my mind as a viable solution!

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    teahorse would almost certainly take it. Either inside, or they had a locked shed for bikes that could work
    Even if you don't end up staying there, they would likely for a modest fee

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    I've had no problem having hotels hold my luggage at no charge for up to three days while vacationing at spots around the world, but I stayed at least one night with the hotel both before and after the hold, typically 3-4 nights total. Not the same as two weeks though.

    I also contemplated a hold for my gear without a hotel stay in the event I had to go home mid-hike. An idea that I came up with is to rent a car, put my gear in the trunk, and leave it in the lot. Of course let the rental car company know what I'm doing so they don't rent the car to someone else. If that were a problem I would drive it tot he airport parking and leave the car there. Again, an OK idea for a few days but maybe not as practical for two weeks.

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    There are some new luggage storage apps/companies that will store your luggage in various cities. I recently used Vertoe to store luggage in Boston for a week, the total was ~$40. The storage location was a short walk from South Station. You can store luggage at at a vendor in South Station but I was concerned about the place not being open on the return trip. Not applicable to Harpers Ferry--no locations--but thought I would mention it as I bet there is something in DC.
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    Thanks again for the replies, everyone! Two more questions before I head out on Wednesday:

    What can I expect for insects? Will it be worth it to bring bug spray? I am hoping the temperatures will be low enough....

    Any advice on getting from Rockfish Gap (near Waynesboro, VA) to Richmond, VA (around mid-day on a Thursday)? It is about a 1.5-hour drive. Last year, I tried unsuccessfully to hitchhike at a nearby pull-off on I-64 (eastbound) in the rain, and ended up employing Yellow Truck for a ride to Charlottesville, which worked out very well. By the way, the Rockfish Gap Tourist Information Center was a nice place to visit; the volunteer there was very accommodating and provided some hot chocolate and a list of Trail Angels.

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    Bugs will be present. Bring spray. Also Uber exists there. Easiest, but prob not cheep.

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    Go back to that visitors center for a list of Trail Angels. That may be your only other option this late in your game?!?

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