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    Default SNP hike this winter.....any recs?

    Iíve had SNP section on my list for few years. I did the research few years back but canít seem to locate it, so all input appreciated.

    Nobo vs sobo?

    Shelters? Will bring my duomid w xtherm, layered with my 20* HG burrow, 45* JRB quilt.and 20*incubator for pups.

    Shuttler recommendations?


    Would shoot for 5.5-6 days and 100ish miles.

    Traction need during avg year?

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    Ideally you'd pick a week with good weather, but that probably isn't possible and will have to deal with what you get. Which could be freezing rain, an ice storm or 2 feet of snow. In the winter you usually can't get more then 2-3 days in a row of good weather before another storm rolls in. Ice storms are real common in the SNP and they've had some good ones.

    20 MPD seems a bit ambisous for winter when there are no services open and the road might be closed down so bailing would be difficult. Going shelter to shelter is probably a more realistic pace, but that turns it into more like a 10 day hike.

    Winters have become so volatile the last few years it's hard to tell what will happen.
    The AT - It has it's ups and downs...

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