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    Default NEW 2019 BOOK: The Appalachian Trail Dirt Under My Boots (and everywhere else)

    A NEW up and coming Appalachian Trail book listed as RECOMMENDED READING on the "Trail To Summit" webpage!
    Come along with the author as he hiked the Appalachian Trail! Feel as if you are actually with him as he ventures forth! Learn about his failures, lessons learned, his motivation and the many other hikers he met along the way. Read about the numerous and sometimes too humorous encounters and his heartache and his injuries on the trail. This book is chock full of gear tips and tricks to hiking the Appalachian Trail. Learn the history of the Appalachian mountain chain right up to the Appalachian Trail's Development. Read about the assorted animals (Bears and Rattlesnakes included) and how to be safe. The most
    DETAILED book about the Appalachian Trail.

    Hang a bear bag correctly, no problem, hang a bear bag incorrectly and you're sure to have a 300+ pound unwanted nighttime visitor into your camp site. What gear is absolutely needed and what is not. Leave the twelve inch Bowie knife behind, toilet paper is a must have though. Trail etiquette, trail names and trail lingo. It's ALL here!Read about the interesting characters met on the trail who bonded as a "Trail Family." Feel the beginning aches and muscle soreness that gives way the further and longer you hike. See the beauty that the deep remote forests, mountain balds and sensational mountain summit views provide. Now, put on that virtual backpack and grab your hiking poles because the journey...BEGINS!

    Sometimes we have to become lost, to find...ourselves.

    Available in Paperback, Kindle, or on ANY eReader, IoS or Android phone/device!
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