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    Hi Mike, i just did a major booboo yesterday, cutting my arm with a Skil saw, so it may take 4 to 6 weeks before I have full use of my hand. But hope I can be ready by Feb 1 to join you and it would be a 700 mile, 10 1/2 hr drive in my car to Ft Smith. 20191208_185043.jpg

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    Or we could investigate using two Uber shuttles.

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    Here is tbe link to bundle of 4 trails in AR

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    If y'all need help shuttling shoot me a PM!

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    Thanks bdj, but neither Mike nor Surefoot can make it this spring . We will try for it again next year, 2021.

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    Arkansas has some awesome, often overlooked hiking trails and this is one of them! (Ouachita Trail is a gem also) June, July, and August, however, are definitely NOT the time to thru-hike, as large sections of the OHT are not maintained through the summer. High grass can cover the trail to such an extent that it is nearly impenetrable in places, and the number of ticks is astounding. YMMV, of course, but I certainly learned the hard way that timing is indeed everything!

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