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    Great tips group!

    Iíll take better precautions on leaking fuel.

    I like the suggestion of wrapping my windscreen around the fuel bottle. Thatís a great idea! Although mine is the MSR screen and is very thick, thicker than a disposable aluminum pan youíd get at the grocery store.

    I am sure there is a awesome DIY solution for that?

    I ended up getting a large Sea to Summit pot and everything fits inside it; stove, pump, windscreen, spatula, salt/pepper, instant coffee packs. The windscreen is a little tough and scratches the sides slightly. Like I previously mention I am going to start wrapping it around the fuel bottle.

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    Forgot to attach a photo.

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    Keep the semi circle of foil for the burner base. Dragonfly's are inherently heavy if you want to save weight go with another stove, otherwise stick with the factory foil windscreen. Anything lighter tends to get affected by the wind. Wrapping around a fuel bottle is the way to go. Even with a lot of use the MSR supplied foil seems to last for far longer than most owners use the stove.

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