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    Default Looking for shuttle service - AVL to Sam's Gap & Carver's Gap back to Asheville, NC

    Hello, Looking for shuttle service for an upcoming hiking trip on Nov 16th. Details are below:

    3 Passengers

    Arrival date: Saturday November 16th
    Pick up location: Arden, NC 28704 (3 miles from AVL airport)
    Pick up time: 10:30 am
    Drop off location: Sam's Gap

    Departure date: Friday November 22nd
    Pick up location: Carver's Gap
    Pick up time: 3:00 pm
    Drop off location: 15 Crowell Rd, Asheville, NC 28806

    Any suggestions or referral are greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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    Contact Tom "10k" on the shuttle list and he sometimes has banners here on WB.

    phone number 4233307416

    Tom has always been a first class shuttle driver for me. Sometimes his wife shuttles too if he is out hiking, she is first class as well.
    AT Shuttle List
    Trail Miles: 3,715.9
    AT Trips: 67
    AT Map 1 Completion: 1818.9 Springer, GA - Franconia Notch, NH
    AT Map 2 Completion: 263.8 Gaps From GA - PA

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    I can do those shuttles, but it would cost around $400
    165 for the first one and 240 for the 2nd.
    I'm 45 minutes west of Asheville, so not exactly a direct shot.
    Send an IM if interested.

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