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    Default Iron-on/sew-on patches and preventing damage to pack

    Hi everybody,

    Little question here. I've gotten 4 patches that mean a lot to me in past years, and I'd like to put them on my Osprey Kestrel 48 pack. I'm worried about making tiny holes to sew them on, and as they all have the solid glue for the iron-on option, I'd like to do that, but I'm worried that the heat would wreck the synthetic fabric. Thoughts?

    Much appreciated


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    I would sew them on and just get a bit of seam sealer and seal the back. But for that pack, the iron should be ok as well. Just keep the iron on the patch and not the fabric if you are super worried about it. Let us know what you end up doing and the results!!

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    I put my patches on the part of the "brain" which pulls down over front of the pack. Looks like you can do that with your pack.
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    I have seen people make a sash for the patches that can be strapped to or draped over a pack without falling off, kind of like a scouting badge sash which can be removed to protect the patches or displayed elsewhere when not using the pack.

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    I sew mine on a little fanny pack that I use. I don’t expect it to be waterproof. If I needed it to be waterproof I would use the seam sealing method advised by tarptent.

    They suggest putting a dab of clear silicone caulk in a small container (I use an old salsa jar) then dilute with paint thinner to a thin consistency. Apply to inside of seam with small brush or syringe without needle. It sucks into the thread with less adhesion to material in my experience. Wipe off excess. Save remainder for next project by putting lid back on, to wait longingly for next project.

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    I ordered some adhesive sheets that were advertised to use for scout badges. No heat involved. No holes.
    They worked great to place several patches on my pack - and the patches have stayed put.

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    I believe the term for the adhesive sheets is Badge Magic,and they really do stick. Should show up in a google search,if not,Scoutstuff.org sells it,I think.

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    Sew a good size patch of Velcro loop to your pack, and seal it as described above. Then sew Velcro hook to your patches, and swap them out anytime you please.
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    Oh wow, thanks for the excellent ideas! Will definitely update once I pick one

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