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    Default best stove for traveling abroad

    in planning on doing some traveling abroad, I would like to bring a stove for some minimal cooking. I am thinking of an alcohol stove because it would also be minimal is weight and complexity. Would people recommend bringing an 'international' version that is suited to isopropyl alcohol and hand sanitizer or would it be easy enough to find denatured alcohol/methanol such as that in HEET? The destination for some backpacking would likely be either Thailand or Turkey.

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    never mind .

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    Don't know about Thailand, but in Turkey most likely alcohol will be difficult to get, due to being a mostly muslim country.
    They will have some LPG canisters though. When you're staying in Turkey for quite some time, it might be worth to buy the stove plus some canisters right there, because maybe they have a different connection between canister and stove than you are using in the US.
    When I was travelling in Turkey (long time ago) I was using a gas stove that ran on car gas.

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    The following document was a project that began in the 90s as a guide for hikers. The Original version is maintained by Doron Papo
    NAFAA will be building upon this document beginning 2014. The “gasoline” section has been dropped in this version, and replaced with lamp oil – intended for fire breathers. We’ll also be tracking Isopropanol.

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    A lot of sail boats use alcohol stoves, so I would think it would be available near ports. There is a difference between the alcohol used for drink and that which is used for fuel, so I wouldn't think religion would have any impact on the availability of the methanol flavor.

    But I bet propane canisters are pretty universally available world wide these days.
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    You can buy what we call methylated spirits in Europe and probably in Turkey. It's what people use for alcohol stoves over here in the UK.

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    With the list I posted it will be easy to locate a source for alcohol. I recommend a stove with integrated pot support for ease of use.

    A Fancee Feest is a good one.
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