Yes, the infamous 100$ or so footprint that is basically just a trapezoid tarp with 3? grommets.
I found one nice tutorial on it but it used Tyvek, which, however hard I tried, I could not find near me (Montreal).
So I used a lightweight blue tarp, marking it and then cutting it with scissors, but I also don't have sufficient space in my apartment
to lay out something more than a few feet long. Lol. And the end result is not one I would like to go on an adventure with.

I was wondering if any of you had special tips (maybe even just to say that one can get by without that footprint),
or even would be willing to make and sell me one such footprint. I don't think it would be a very big endeavor if you have space,
glue and Tyvek (and grommets, though I can even put those in myself).
I just can't possibly afford to buy one of the 'real' footprints - the price is beyond ridiculous. They're just banking on the fact that
people with the money to buy this tent will have a 'small' 100$ more to dish out for the footprint, and... there's a reason I live in such a tiny place

I got the tent from REI on a massive sale, internationally (to Canada), and after exchange rate and customs, paid 330$ USD instead of the
520$ USD I would've had to pay here. The customs alone were 60$ USD on that total... (they really screw us here in Canada!)
I went from Marmot Traillight 2p (5 lbs 7 oz packaged, 7x26 in. stuffed) to this (2 lbs 5 oz packaged, 4x19 in. stuffed), which is nothing short of MIRACULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!

But I'm afraid of going out without that bloody footprint!! And wrecking my millionaire's tent that I feel like I shouldn't even have!
And I can't possibly afford to buy the official footprint or, God forbid, repair/replace that tent adequately.
Thanks for the help, everybody

-A very anxious Spork