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The typical people I know on the AT that carry are LEO's and hunters BOTH of whom have above avg gun awareness and demonstrate above avg gun safety particularly among the hunter category if they are state required to complete a Gun Safety Class.
Above average? My experience with your typical LEO is minuscule firearms training. Most cops take their duty pistol out of their holster once a year. We needed to reteach them how to field strip a glock every year at qualifications. This is what we found to be the norm. It's actually unfortunate because they are carrying a weapon with a greater likelihood to use it over a civilian. Your basic hunter education course is a joke. Seeming 9/10 times you never touch a loaded weapon. I find hunters always flagging others or themselves with unloaded guns all the time which is still a no go. The main problem with your basic LEO is they very rarely get any training on moving with a pistol out. Standing in a shooting lane at Mr Paper Silhouette is one thing. Tell them to twirl around in a 360 and it all goes to hell. One thing I learned about cops was just like military folk.. most are not gun people. They are just issued one and hope they never have to use it. Then theres the select few who enjoy the sport and practice once a week

Most LEO at least have the capacity to keep it holstered on trail and not want to ahow it off..

I saw 4 loaded pistols out of their holsters on the AT lol. People just love to show them pieces off. They think because of my background that I would LOVE to check out their basic plastic blaster.