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    Quote Originally Posted by 4eyedbuzzard View Post
    Glasses wearers alone shouldn't be forced by law to support an industry when they know their vision and corrective prescription hasn't changed.
    Thanks for the clarification.
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    [QUOTE=Puddlefish;2260106] Kept the spare pair in a cheap hard plastic case.

    I carried glasses for night hiking and town days in a hard plastic case. I made my eyes adjust throughout the hike to no glasses during day (I cannot see distance) and it worked for me.

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    Ive been wearing contacts on the trail n changing to glasses at night when we get settled in. I hang a bladder on a tree for washing hands with soap. Then remove the contacts n put them in the canister with cleaning solution. The bottle of solution is small n easy to carry.

    I keep my glasses in a hard plastic glasses case you get from the eye care store when you buy them.

    I love my contacts just for the simple pleasure of being able to wear regular polarized sun glasses. Also when winter backpacking, no fogging of the lenses. Summer, I dont smack the glasses off my face when fighting off black flys anymore.

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    I usually have my glasses on a leash of some sort, soft elastic that cinches tighter for when I’m sweaty and glasses sliding down nose, then loose around neck in case I fall to prevent them from flying off.

    I figure I'm more likely to lose them then break them.

    Take a photo of drs script for emergency replacement, or have home team available to send in for an inexpensive pair. In addition to script, you need the distance between pupils measurement.

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    Type in you prescription, pick your frame, get them in 2 weeks, or less. Throw an extra $5 for the coating on the lenses. Well worth it.

    If you just need readers, get them on EBay. Get 3 or four pair for ~$10. Buy the wire framed glasses. They hold up better than the Chinese plastic frames, which have a tendency to crack at the hinges. Definitely get a hard case for your spare glasses. But even if you do a face-plant and break them, for $2-$3 bucks a pair, who cares?

    BTW, I got an excellent pair of wrap-around, sun-sensor, polarized with UV protection, sunglasses, in a hard-case, for $10 on EBay.

    Eyeglasses are a big money racket right up there with hearing aids.
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