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    This subject is most interesting to me since I do long trips with one food load and no resupply. My longest trips have been 24 days with about a 50-60 lb food load including stove fuel.

    Mileage is hard to figure but on one trip into Pisgah NF in the Wilson Creek area I did this route---my route marked in red---with several trails done in repetition to link up other trails etc. I started the trip at the big red blob. Worked my way north to Timber Ridge and Gragg Prong and Lost Cove Creek and then southeast to the Pine Ridge area and went south over Hiway 181 to Steels Creek---and eventually back to my entrance point.

    Alot of options for an uninterrupted trip---like continuing away from Steels Creek on the MST into Linville Gorge. Why more backpackers don't do these kind of trips amazes me---as generally they have huge blocks of time to devote to a trip. Initial back weight with 24 days worth of food probably/most certainly/of course deters them.

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    I won't answer in miles because they were pretty meager, but I went from Muir Trail Ranch to Whitney portal over 10 days on my last resupply. I was in no rush, enjoying the scenery.

    Truthfully, I could only fit 8 days worth of food in my bear canister, so the last two days of the hike I went hungry. This turned out to be a benefit because I never needed to use my 'Wag Bag' while I was in the Whitney zone.

    If I had the chance I would do it exactly the same again.
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    I can fit 7 days of food in my 12" Bearikade plus one day outside of it for the first day, so 8 days is the longest I've ever gone. If I recall correctly, this was from Horseshoe Meadows to MTR back in 2015.

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    My preference is 5 days or less, but have done as many as 9.
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