I'm a longtime solo user of the zPacks Hexamid Twin which I love (and is still serviceable) but is seven years old, so I recently purchased a zPacks Duplex as a replacement. For some of my plans this year, I'd feel better having a new tent.

Today, I set The Duplex up for the first time and, WOW, it is going to require a lot of land to pitch this thing properly, both in terms of finding good flat spots and more importantly, having room to guy it out properly. My Hexamid Twin also was not a small footprint but I feel like it could be put in smaller sites than the Duplex - in fact looking at them side by side, I know that's the case. I can think of several campsites that I have used my Hex Twin in where the Duplex just wouldn't work, which sucks because some of those sites are my favorites...

They don't make the Hexamid Twin anymore so that's not an option for a new tent but I have some real misgivings on the Duplex ... what have owners of the Duplex experienced in terms of practical setup issues in smaller campsites? Would be curious to have some feedback on this point.

Right now, I'm conflicted on whether to keep the Duplex or either return it to zPacks (it's still within the 30 day return window and brand new) or sell it here on WhiteBlaze. But if I sell it or return it, I still will be in the market for a replacement for my Hexamid Twin ... any ideas?