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Thread: Storage of Gear

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    Quote Originally Posted by MtDoraDave View Post
    ...where do you guys and gals store your down sleeping bags?...
    We have a huge wardrobe in the sleeping room, half of it for my wife, the other half for me.
    My wife's half is stuffed full of clothes and has one tiny top compartment reserved for the one down sleeping bag she owns.
    My half is full of all the sleeping bags I own (including the ones I occassionally lend to her) and has one or two compartments left for the few clothes I own.

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    Walk-in closet works perfectly. Everything in one location. When center shelf is empty I have packed everything I need for a trip (not sure where my tent is when I took this photo, outside drying perhaps) minus food/water. If anything is left behind it was an intentional decision. If trip calls for supplemental gear it is pulled from "shelves" to the left or right. Not factoring in food planning/packing I can be packed in about 12 minutes. Notice daypack bottom right of third picture. It is always ready to go. Simply get dressed, add a snack, throw in water and I'm out the door.

    Since photo was taken I have reorganized and purged most of the "excess" stuff. Closet is much more user-friendly than pictured.
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    Quote Originally Posted by seakayaker View Post
    What are some good options for containers for storing all my gear between trips? I'm currently using a large Rubbermaid Action Packer but it doesn't hold everything and it's not stackable. I have limited space as I store all my gear in my home office so stacking containers would be good.


    You said it. Get totes that are stackable. And, realize a single Tote may not store all things. OMG I have two Totes with food alone mostly prepackaged and ready to grab in a sec for those impromptu outings. Seems like a lot but I mainly LD hike going out for three wks or more and the same food can and does get eaten at home. This is a resource I refuse to waste not allowing 40% of food to go into the garbage can as is normal in the U.S. Three Totes and a 6'x5' bookshelf contain maps, Journals, and guidebooks and Bucket List hikes. These I refer to rather regularly to add to my knowledge as others share and I do more research and gain more experiences. The bookshelf looks like that at a library. One Tote contains my hybrid touring bike/bike packing gear. The bike hangs on the wall of my bedroom up near the ceiling. Two totes contain mainly clothing. Two Totes contain gear like shelters, loosely kept sleeping bags, etc. I built my bed and have integrated DIY built in self built "dressers" which were intentionally designed to store the Totes(all the same size) unseen. One can find couches or settees or beds with storage space underneath. Storing all this in the sleeping area rather than the basement, shed, garage, extra room, etc requires routine cleaning maintenance of gear and all other stuff. Family gear gets stored in the garage because they don't take care of their stuff to the degree I do. Yaks and a Scanoe are stored at a friend's house on Lake Lanier. I have access from multiple sources to various trailers.

    Lastly, if I don't use something at least once every two yrs I donate or sell it. FWIW, I embrace the nomadic adventurer life. I do go through activity phases. Seems like a lot but I use my stuff and don't give into rampant Consumerism. For example, the same clothes I may hike in I wear at home or recycle for garden work, changing the oil in the car, etc. Consequently, I feel very comfortable always wearing hiking apparel AND it allows for less stuff overall.
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    I use to dream about having a gear room. Now I just dream about being on trail.

    Selling, donating, and trading is such a great way to keep everything in check.

    Yesterday, I sold 3 older power banks. I got my moneys worth. With the accumulated funds I plan on buying a modern high tech power bank.

    Most people would just stock pile em and never touch them again.

    The trail made me less attached to material possesions. Its so much easier to let go of things now. It truly spreads light on what is sentimental or not.

    It's also how I live out of 2 100L duffel bags.

    I definitely still geek out on gear. But even gear has become just stuff to an extent. A medium for adventure.

    With that said. If you own a home. Totes are probably best. If you plan on being a bum like me forever, duffel bags are great.

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    Lots of great advice here. I echo the recommendation to use clear totes--it makes finding things and staying organized much easier. My go-to place for totes is Walmart. If I can't find what I want there, then Lowes usually will have something that fits the bill. Lowes has a much better selection of storage products than Home Depot IMO.

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