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Thread: Showering

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    In severe cold, I usually skip showering or washing of any kind, except that I'm trying hard to stay clean "down there" no matter what.
    Not so much of a problem if there is snow that can be put to good use to clean up after toilet.

    For normal weather, I used to use some water bottle to pour water over head and body, but found that it would need one extra hand to handle it well.
    I've learned about sponge bath here at WB and find it the greatest and most water saving way to get clean in the outdoors.
    A shamwoa is part of my toiletry kit since then wherever I go. It also works more comfortabely in chilly weather, way better than any kind of shower.
    If you've ever made a mesh sack out of an onion or lemon bag, these work well to hold/hang the bottle so you can just tilt it to pour out. That's what I do with my platypus and drilled cap as they can be kind of slippery with soapy hands. I also do this sometimes when washing my dishes.
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