Hello everyone,
I am the co-founder and the president of a new college club called Go Outside, see description below. I was inquiring if anyone who has thru-hiked the AT, PCT or CDT would be willing to take a phone call or video chat with the club and talk about your time as a thru-hiker and answer some questions. If you happen to live in the area and would like to come in person too that would also work!

Go Outside is a student organization that is deeply rooted in the idea of living life in wild spaces and developing practical and technical skills to further one’s experiences. Go Outside is a gathering place for individuals to share the knowledge they have gained from their past experiences as well as learn skills form fellow members and experts. By having these conversations, members will feel they have the confidence to plan their trip the way they want it and while on a trip they will thrive in whatever conditions are thrown at them.

Thank you so much!