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    Default Help me, New Englanders, please

    This summer I am starting a SB section hike from Oquossoc, ME (Rt17). Hall Mt shelter is too far and Bemis Mt is too close. Is there any decent camping in between? I notice a saddle between Elephant Mt and Old Blue. Or possibly a miile or less down from the ridge on Bemis Stream Trail? Or Black Brook Notch/South Arm Road? Thanks

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    There is a new set of tentsites and new privy just past the crossing of South Arm road after you cross the stream. There have always been bootleg sites in this area that were too close to the stream and the trail so those are being retired (brushed in).

    The saddle between Elephant and Old Blue also has spots that could be used for camping heading west on the former route of the AT. I am less positive about this spot as this area had heavy logging in the last decade or so and i havent been there since then.

    Incidentally there is also a great campsite down in the valley between Moody and Hall. There is plenty of room for tents and a picnic table right next to the stream. The stream has gravel bottom, nice place for a dip. I would rank it nicer than the new site near South Arm road.

    Dont underestimate this section. The drops and climbs out of the valleys between the mountains are very steep, about as steep as it gets in Maine.

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    There is no camping along the Bemis ridge - it's mostly open above tree line and fragile alpine vegetation. Please stay on the trail and don't step on any vegetation.

    I would stop at the Bemis Mountain shelter the first night. It's a good hike just to get there. The next day to Hall mountain is a heck of hike. Moody mountain is a real pain at the end of the day and then a steep climb up to Hall.

    I think there is a campsite on either South arm Road or East B hill road. I forget which one it is, but not at both.

    Due to the ruggedness of this area, camping anywhere but shelters and two established campsites (the other is at the north end of Mahoosuc notch) is not possible or advised. This trail is generally very overgrown with dense spruce growth. Flat areas like saddles are bogs.
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    I maintain boundary From South Arm road to the top of Hall Mountain. I guarantee the new campsite just off South Arm road exists. I have not been over to East B Hill road in years. I think most folks get a ride into Andover for the night rather than camp. There also is one dry but super campsite on the high point of the trail on Moody Mountain with great views to the south. It would be an incredible spot on a clear night. Its quite obvious. If someone misses it, the woods rapidly switch from hardwood to softwood.

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    I thought the campsite was at South Arm. Stayed there once while it was still unofficial.

    I'd hate to carry enough water to camp on top of Moody. My knees hurt just thinking about it.
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    Yeah from Rt. 17 thatís some hard miles, especially as you get closer to South Arm Rd.

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