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    In 2021, three years after originally planned, I will be setting out on what will be either a thru or a long section of the AT. I have to leave mid-May because of a scheduling conflict, so I am planning a flip flop. I'll know later this year exactly what route and what length I will be prepared to do.

    In 2018 I connected with a group of women on WB and we planned to start our thru-hike together. I had to drop out but they did leave together and continued together on the trail for a while.

    I'm curious if there are other women here planning for next year and if you'd like to keep in touch to discuss plans and possibly get together for a multi-day hike later this year. If so, please DM me.

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    I'm currently in the planning stages for a flip flop next year with a May departure but I was looking at leaving a couple of weeks earlier than that so that I could go to the Flip Flop festival in Harper's Ferry and then leave a few days after that. It's not a scheduling conflict for me - I'm just not feeling the Bubble..



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    I am currently planning a flip-flop for 2021. Currently my plan is to begin in Shenandoah and hike to the Flip-Flop Festival, heading north to Katahdin from there after, hopefully, meeting some other awesome hikers on the journey. That said, the "Cool Breeze" option also REALLY appeals to me because I hate hot weather. I had my thyroid removed a few years ago so it is definitely harder for me to adjust to major temperature changes easily...heat is particularly challenging. I am hiking solo and my husband is going to be a great trail supporter. He will be visiting the trail and helping me flip back down to wherever I begin from so I can head back to Springer. He would really like for me to find one or two other ladies interested in trying to hike somewhat together. He could then also offer them transportation as needed (depending on what flip-flop route we decide to take). My schedule is fairly flexible so my start date is not set in stone yet. Would love to hear what other ladies are doing...

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    Not flip flopping, but planning to a NOBO LASH from hot springs to about the midpoint starting in April 2021.

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