i want to get the word out about the grateful hiker in Blairsville, ga. it is a hiker hangout that mary and i opened up for hikers to hang out at. we have been shuttling hikers since the beginning of 2017 after we ended a thousand mile lash and during this time we have noticed that hikers get left out in the cold when they hit town before the hotels open up for renting rooms. sometimes hikers come to town and need a spot to leave their pack or just need a place to kick it for a few hours. we opened a spot at the seasons inn plaza in Blairsville, Georgia where you can come and kick it and listen to good music or watch some videos on hiking on the 70 inch, we have high speed internet with computers, there will be coffee and donuts and other pastries made daily from local shops free for the eating and drinking and of course there will be good conversation and i know the Georgia area of the trail and southern nc part of the trail like the back of my hand. i know the towns and businesses in the towns. i deal with a lot of the local, reliable, shuttle drivers and we are a commercially insured shuttle service, too. check us out @ www.thefurthershuttleappalachian.com - thank you for your time . peace and safe travels. be kind-stay kind..... donald " grateful" ballard